Kentucky Motorsports Hall of Fame

                                            VW Division
                               Fairgrounds Motor Speedway
                            Johnny Potts Flagman on the track

A super neat photo from Perry Marshall (LaMarr's nephew) of the Bob Hook 1970 Chevelle  on display in 1970 at the dealership. LaMarr had yet to race this pristine car. That's young Perry in the driver's seat. Perry's Dad, (LaMarr's brother) hand lettered the car. This is the car that won the ARCA "International 500" that season.

                                         LaMarr Marshall
                                            Louisville KY

                                            Bill Kimmel
                                          at Daytona 300

                                          Ken Reiter
                                         Louisville KY
 Back in the day Striper Bob Taylor rented a bay from Kenny to stripe cars


                                      Bobby Watson
                                        Louisville KY

                                          A Arnold
                                         Brooks KY

                                   Darrell Waltrip
                                    Falls City Beer
                                    Owensboro KY
                                   Back in the 60's

                                  Leonard Blanchard
                                       Louisville KY

                                   Patrick Knight with Richard Petty
This is a rare photo of Richard Petty without his trademark sunglasses !
In 1973 when my Mother was the Kentucky State Representative for the Richard Petty Fan Club we were invited to Richard's Birthday party in conjunction with the Talledega race that summer. Perkins Chrysler Plymouth on Dixie Hwy furnished us with a silver Mint Julep cup engraved for Richard. The party was at the local Holiday Inn and the room had all dark trim and was barely lit, so Richard took off his sunglasses.
                                              By Patrick Knight

Gerald Newman's new 62 Bel Air 2 door post 409, 4 speed Chevy before being modified for the racing season. Gerald is standing by the car at his sponsors VV Cooke dealership in Louisville. 
                                              Thanks Patrick Knight

This photo is taken from the walkway that went over the track at the beginning of the front straightaway for decades.
The '65 Chevrolet was built by Gerald Newman , driven by Roy Wathen, sponsored by V V Cooke Chevrolet.
                                                          Thanks Patrick Knight

                                             Jack Purcell
                            Built by Marvin Jones-Middletown KY

                                            Karl Shannon
                                           Valley Station KY


                          Final look at Louisville Motor Speedway

                                          Roy Wathen

                                      Ron Hargesheimer

                                        Pastor Ron Lasley
                                             Okolona KY

                                         Darrell Waltrip
                          and a young Tony Estes behind the car

                                              Tony Estes


                                Dobbins Chevrolet Sprint Car
                                                                                   Pat Knight Photo

                                           Milt Hartlauf
                                           Crosley Racer
                                  at Louisville Gardens 1950s

                                                             Lamarr Marshall and crew 1974
                                                                from top to bottom
      Huggie Thornbury, Gary Young, Lisa(Childress)Larkin AKA Miss Indiana, Lamar Marshall
                                             Tommy Wilson, Bill Davis, Bobby Davis

                                            Jim Graybeal
                                            Shelbyville KY

                                     Bill Cantrel of Louisville
                                  in the Graybeal Southern Star

                                               Bill Cantrel

                                        Deborah Renshaw 
                                         Bowling Green KY 

                                            Dicky Howard
                                             Owensboro KY
                                        A win at KMS in 1973

                                             Dean Howard
                                        Beech Bend Raceway 

                                           Dean Howard
                                    1984 Winchester Winner

                                           Ricky Hampton
                                       KY Asphalt Champion 

                                             Paul Dornburg

                                           Left to Right:
                    Randy Pedley, Michael Waltrip, Darrell Waltrip,
                        and Jeremy Mayfield
in a KMS appearance,
                                 all of them got started at KMS

                                                  Pat Perce
                                               in Price Beards
                                        B & R Speed Shop Special

                                               Roy Wathen

                                               Jim Graybeal
                                                  Sprint Car
                                               Shelbyville KY

                                                Jesse Baird
                                         Sportsdrome Speedway

                                   Fairgrounds Motor Speedway

                                        Scotty Earl Holbert 
                 won the Oct 20, 1991 Super Stock main Event at
                               Salem Speedway. Louisville, Ky

                             Roland Isaacs of Pee Wee Valley, Ky
                   won the Salem Speedway 50 lap stock Fest 1980

                                           Ken Reiter
                        in Bob Taylor sponsored Dodge Charger
                                          Louisville KY

                                 Fairgrounds Motor Speedway


                                          N. D. Copley
                  1972 Ford Torino taken at an ARCA race in 1973
                                        Hodgenville, Ky


90's Kimmel Christmas Party
From left to right -Gerald Dixon, Tommy Spaugh, Andy Hampton, Jesse Baird, Johnny McIntosh, Milt Hartlauf, Bill Kimmel Sr., Dave Renn Sr. and Charlie Glotzbach.

                                            Ron Ritter
                                            65 Chevelle

                                                       Jesse Baird

                                                     Jesse Baird

                                Ron Hargesheimer Sr.

                                    Larry Holbert Jr


                                     Tony Schiller
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