Kentucky Motorsports Hall of Fame
                                        Camille Barrett
                                         34 Ford Coupe
                    Sponsor of Alan Williams Champion stock car 
                     and the Kentucky Motorsports Hall Of Fame
                 Thanks for your support Camille RIP  1959-2010

                                       Larry Harmon
                                     Louisville KY  1970's
                            Old Harry Hyde Race Car Shop
                           now part of Hendrick Motorsports
                                         Concord NC

                                       Joe Williamson
                          Salem Speedway 99 Season Champ
                                      Shepherdsville KY

                                       Steve Browne
                             Fairgrounds Motor Speedway 1970
                                        Louisville KY

                                       Alton Lohden
                             Fairgrounds Motor Speedway

                                       Harry Hyde
                                      Andy Hampton
                                      Andy Hampton

                            Fifteen Second Club from Left:
                               Kenny Reiter, Jesse Baird
                           Andy Hampton and Jack Purcell

                                      Andy Hampton
                                       Andy Hampton
                   Indy car was called Ol' Fido and was run in 
           the late 50's at the Sportsdrome in Danville and Corbin, KY.
                     He won 23 of 28 races with this car.

                                       Harry Hyde
                                     Crosley 1950's
                                      Louisville KY

                                   Roger Vincent at LMS
                           Taylors House of Colors Special


              Cover of an Original Program at Beech Bend 1953

                                    G. C. Spencer

                                    Wayne Norris

                            Anthony (Socko) Warden

                            Beech Bend Oval Track

                                       Elmo Guy
                               Wright Machine Shop


             Check out these 2 books about the History of Beech Bend Park

                                  Robert (Bob) Claborn
                             late 40's and early 50's racing
                             at the Monticello KY Speedway
                                    on Old Highway 92

                                     James Chumbley
                                         Louisville KY
                                       RIP 1960-2010
                                   Louisville Gardens
                              Harry Lee Hyde Collection
                                          Gene Miller
                                Harry Lee Hyde Collection

                                        Cotton Priddy
                                     Louisville Gardens
                                Harry Lee Hyde Collection

                                       Harry Hyde
                              Checking out the engine
                             Harry Lee Hyde Collection


                                        Jack Purcell
                                  driving Harvey Fluhr's
                                         1957 Chevy
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