Kentucky Motorsports Hall of Fame

Ky Tractor Pullers

                                 Sullivan Pulling Team

                                 Gene Wilkerson (pink)
                                 Walter Harder (white)
                         2010 Inductees-The Owensboro Boys

                                       James Hamilton
                                         Gone Bananas
                                       4x4 Pulling Truck

                                        Aaron Mobly
                                           Mad Dog
                                     4X4 Pulling Truck

                                        Hansel Sullivan

                                           Jim Lyons
                                 Stitches 4x4 Pulling Truck
                                       Ritters Critters
                                       4x4 Pulling Truck
                                       Radcliff KY 1984

                                         Gayle Mufford
                                     Monster Truck 1985

                                         Go Go Gorilla
                                           TNT Mascot
                                           Brian 1983

                  Walter Harder, Tom Carter, Donnie (Boots) Bittel
                            Jim (Drag) Burns, Gene Wilkerson
    Thanks to Kathleen Roberts for all the above great tractor/truck pulling photos!
                          Glenn Dowden and Randy Dowden
                                        Eminence KY
                                In Memory of Rick Moody
                            Army Armstrong with wife Lynn

                                          Derrick Anson

                                    1946 Chevrolet/Nutter
                                      owned by Dale Hall
                                      Mt. Washington KY

                                          Muggs Tichenor

                           In Memory of Hansel Pop Sullivan

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