Kentucky Motorsports Hall of Fame

KY Oldtimers III

                                Jim Williams 1935-2010 RIP
                                    What 4 Altered and crew
                                      Standing Jim Williams  
                Sitting left to right: Austin Myers, Tony Garcia, Matt Rogg
                                                Marty Brown RIP
                                             Founder of Quick Fuel   
                                               Bowling Green KY
                                               J.C. Stone
                               69 Chevelle Late Model Stocker
                                  Many time Track Champion
                                              Campton KY
                                         Arvid Applegate
                                           1948 Fiat A/A
                                          Nicholasville KY
                         Foster, Hager, Moss, Stinnett & Dunn
                                          Nicholasville KY
                                          Harry Samuels
                                       65 Dodge Kentuckian
                                          Bardstown KY
                                        Jesse Campbell
                                           Louisville KY
                                        Buddy Crouch
                                       KY ARCA Racing
                                            Irvine KY
                                        Buddy Crouch
                                        KY Drag Racing
                                           Irvine KY

                                      Beech Bend 1972 Rollers
                David Garvin with tie and Morris Smith in Striped Shirt
                                           Jim White-Security
                                           Larry Erwin
                                      Soap Box Derby Car
                                          Owensboro KY
                             Army Armstrong's #22 Go Cart
                                  Texas Roadhouse Go Cart
                                            Owensboro KY
                       Owensboro Regate Gold Cup Throphy 70's
                                              July 5, 1968
                                          Jerry Beasley
                                           69 Chevelle
                                     Past ISCA Champion
                                        Hazel Green KY
                                        Butch Kamer Pusher T
                                         First shown in 1968
                          Interior by Joe Coleman standing by car 
                                        Paint by Dave Lynn
                                   750 Buttons on Top & Interior
                  Car was shown at 2010 Carl Casper
 in original 68 condition
                                  Roger Price 48 Plymouth
                 Built to Honor the old Fairgrounds Motor Speedway
                                         Louisville KY

                                        Bob Nowicke 
                      Induction into the Hall of Fame in Tulsa OK 
                                           Jan 2010
                                            Billy Howell
   Sitting on couch: Billy Howell and his daughter Shannon
   Standing left to right: Mardelle Hartlauf(sister), Sherry Cheever(niece)
   Linda Howell(sister) and Julie Houk(family friend)
                                                      Stan Byrd   
                                                   Mt.Sterling KY
                                     Joe Williamson
                            Charlie Taylors Mr. Eliminator
                           Formally Austin Myers Dragster
                            Joseph “Joie” Reynolds Ray Jr
                                       Louisville KY
                                                           Courtesy of the Courier Journal
                                   Mullins Car Service TAD
                                Tony Garcia was Crew Chief
                                         Louisville KY

                                  Pro Outlaw Winners Circle
    Mike Decker celebrates win in Pro Outlaw at the Carquest Nationals
    left to right: Jim Lyons, Jerry Decker, Mike Decker,
    Brian Decker, Big Dave Jeffries
    Valley Station KY
                                            Jim Lyons
                                           Okolona KY
                                         Rex Rexroat
                               NHRA NHHR Event Staff
                                        Cave City KY
Morris Smith (left), Beech Bend Track Manager, and David Garvin of Beech Bend Park discuss the forthcoming NHRA Sports Nationals event to be held there this memorial day weekend.  Several modifications and improvements to the drag racing super-track were made to accomodate the Sports Nationals.  Over 500 competitors and 40,000 spectators will converge on Beech Bend International Raceway in Bowling Green for this major national three day event.  Time trials will be run on Friday, May 24, and eliminations will be run Saturday and Sunday, May 25 and 26. 
                        Once "Kentucky Moonshiner", now tire dealer
                                                           Courier Journal
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                                        Kentucky Natives
                                Jack Roush and Bobby Davis
                               A early Golden Angel picture
                        Lt.  Driver/crew chief  Henry Putman  
                        Rt.  Owner Ed Payne (both deceased)
G.C. Spencer in the 'Flying Saucer" on the outside pole at Legion Park track in Owensboro Ky. Mr Spencer was very instrumental in Darrell Waltrips early days of racing.
Thanks to Jim Warren for the photo!

                                      Murf McKinney
                                    Danny Sullivan
                                      Louisville KY
                                   Andy Hampton
                               ARCA Daytona Winner

                                     Nicky Hayden
                          2006 MotoGP World Champion
                                    Owensboro KY
                                   Armon Smith
                             Buddy Crouch ARCA
                                      Irvine KY
                                  Allen Gaines
                         "Orange Blossom Special"
                                 Georgetown KY
                                Darrell Waltrip
                                 Owensboro KY
                                  Lindsay Hall
                      Driving Traci Hall's 51  1/4 Midget
                            Indy 500 Speedway-1981

                   Andy Vertrees and Darrell Waltrip
                   talking at Kentucky Motor Speedway
                               Owensboro 70's
                              Shively Speed Sport
                        Crums Lane, Shively KY 1968
                               40 Chevy Coupe 
                                  Jimmy Miles
Beech Bend owner Charles Garvin, left, with Mrs.Garvin and SPORTSnationals events's barbecue host Rafael "Redd" Slung.

This photo was taken at the Mountain Park Dragway in Eastern Kentucky in 1963  
The car is a 1960 Ford Convertible.
The owner/driver is James (Buck) Skaggs of Corydon, IN. 
Buck owned and drove many drag cars/motorcycles in the 50's and 60's including some very fast (for that time) flathead Fords.

1953 Oldsmobile owned by Joe Pruitt of Bowling Green, Ky shown with just a few of the Trophy's won with this car.
Car was run at Beech Bend, Union Hill,Tn, Clarksville Tn, Campbellsville, Hardinsburg and more. It ran L/SA.

This car was retired and used to pull a 1949 Oldsmobile Coupe that I painted Black and White also. That car ran M Stock. That car was sold to someone in Louisville in 1966 I think. Then I lost count of it. Would like to know if someone has pictures of the 49 after it went to Louisville or has any info about it. (email to
When Red Boiling Springs Tennessee opened a new drag strip, I forget the year I sold 75 Trophy's to them and Elmo Guy and Dickie Ogles sold more than that I am sure.
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