Kentucky Motorsports Hall of Fame

      Welcome the Class of 2019

Chris Harmon:  Oval Racer, KY Clutch Owner.

Bill Thornberry & Tom Seigle: Top Fuel Racers, Golddigger T/F, Chassie Builders

Benita Russell: Drag Racer

Red Cornett: Engine Builder

Joe Keller: NSRA Street Rod Rep., Drag Racer

Jim McCormick: World Champion Hydroplane Racer, Builder

Jake Gibson: Racer Promoter, Pioneer Award

Mike Libs: Racer, Promoter, Visionary Award

They will be inducted in Central City, Ky on November, 2nd 2019.

Central City KY (Aug 3) - - The board of directors is pleased to announce the latest inductees to the Kentucky Motorsports Hall of Fame for its 2019 induction ceremony scheduled for November 2, 2019 at their Museum in downtown Central City.

The latest inductees are a mix of 9 individuals from different sectors of people involved in the sport of motorsports all born in the state or lived within the state for a major portion of their involvement and has made a major impact on the sporting genre.

Having spent a lot of his time on the Ohio River and the waterways of the United States, Hydroplane racer Jim McCormick brings bonified Hollywood status to the Kentucky Motorsports Hall of Fame as the Owensboro born racer was the central character the movie "Madison" was based upon. He was the first-ever to score back to back wins in the boat from the other side of the river named Miss Madison. From 1966

Joining McCormick in the class of 2019 is drag racing duo Bill Thornberry and Tom Seigle. The Louisville gentlemen began racing in 1964 and continued to field drag racing cars they built until 1987. Along that journey, they were among the first to field an all-aluminum block racing engine and were known for their workmanship in building early chassis for competition. A career highlight came in 1976 in IHRA Dixie Nationals competition they beat legendary racer Don Garlits in semi-final action before losing in the finals.

Innovating drag racing standards was the focus on another inductee, as Mike Libs fascination and love with the straight strips of asphalt led to his endeavors of taking a committed group of friends from drag strip to drag strip to officiate and facilitate drag racing events in a uniformed manner. Forming their own traveling series, these officials brought a unified setting to the sport and under their leadership established a standard within the state. For his forward-thinking and commitment, Owensboro Libs is being inducted with a Visionary designation to the Kentucky Motorsports Hall of Fame.

Engine building Ira Jackson Cornett of Somerset, better known as Red, had his hands directly on the advancement of motorsports in Kentucky unlike very few. His motor building dedication and expertise reached every form of motorsports in Kentucky and his unmatched product powered racers and teams not only in the continental USA, but his engines have propelled motorsports winners across the world. From farm tractors in pulling competition to some of the fastest drag and stock cars racing, the Cornett name has become a standard engine name other builders try to match. The Somerset-based Cornett Racing Engines continues today as a leader in their field in memory of Red, who passed in 2012.

Joe Keller of Louisville joins the list of inductees after a lifetime of drag racing and street rodding involvement since 1956. Known as an expert wirer in building cars, Keller was a founding member of the Okolona Street Rods group in Louisville and served as an NSRA safety inspector and State Representative.

Three previously announced inductees, race track promoter Jake Gibson (promoter of the Jeffersonville, Indiana facility known as the Sportsdrome, female drag racer Benita Russell of Marion, Indiana and 17 time track champion from competitions at Louisville and Sportsdrome racing, Chris Harmon of Brooks, Kentucky will be celebrated and inducted in the soon to open new Kentucky Motorsports Hall of Fame and Museum located in downtown Central City.


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                                     KENTUCKY MOTORSPORTS HALL OF FAME

Mission Statement:

To honor, by public acknowledgement or commemoration, of an individual, family or team who has merited recognition and distinction.  Their accomplishments and contributions in regard to Kentucky racing history will serve as an inspiration and an example of highest traditions and whose reputation has withstood the test of time.

Purpose of Nominations:

To preserve the racing history of Kentucky and the region.
* To honor those, living or dead, who by achievement have produced a lasting contribution to Kentucky's racing heritage.


*  Applications for citizens or groups may nominate an individual, family or team for induction.
*  Nominees must be, but not limited to, have driven, owned, crewed or made a major contribution to the sport.
*  The induction committee, through review and balloting, shall select select between 4-6 individuals, families and/or teams.
*  Nominations will remain on file for 2 years and are the property of Kentucky Motorsports Hall of Fame Committee.
*  Nomination forms will be available at events or may be requested from the committee.


*  Born in Kentucky and/or lived in Kentucky for a period of time.
*  Participated in and made a major contribution to motorsports in Kentucky.
*  May be living or deceased.
*  Participated in motorsports at least 5 years.
*  Owned or operated a race facility for 10 years or more.
*  Has been an official, a member of media or an individual who played a vital role in development and advancement of motorsports in Kentucky for at least 15 years.



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Bottom Row left to right: Kathy Woosley, Joe Sils, Sue Huber
Middle Row left to right: Bridget Jeffries, Bob Rogers, Eddy Kannapel, David McGee, Tom McNutt
Back Row left to right: Bill Curl, Tom Huber, Dave Jeffries, Bryan Barger, Dave Huber
Not pictured: Bobby Davis, P.O. Brown, Army Armstrong, Spivey Williams, John Potts

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