Kentucky Motorsports Hall of Fame

Drag Racers

                                       Charlie Meyer
                                       57 Chevy F/MP
                              Harrison Co Dragstrip 1973
                                       Melvin Beach  
                                       Corvette D/MP 
                               Harrison Co Dragstrip 70's
                                       Larry Baines
                            Kentucky Gambler Funny Car 
                                       Louisville KY
                                  Hummel and Myers
                                           Top Gas
                                         Beech Bend
                                    Myers and Rogg
                                     Top Gas BB/GD
                                       Beech Bend
                                         Steve Hinton
                                      Bowling Green KY
                                      Bluegrass Dragway
                                        John Carter
                                        Louisville KY
                                      Joe Williamson
                                       Trouble Maker

                                      Billy Campbell
                                         Gold Digger
                                           Top Fuel
                                          Billy Huff
                                            IHRA PS
                                         Louisville KY
                                      Bill McCornack
                                        Lexington KY
                                 Bill Stebbins Built 
                                  Golden Gator TAD
                                   Beech Bend 70's
                                   Spivey Williams
                                   Bowling Green KY
                                  Mattingly Bros
                        now owned by Frank Dewboys
                                    Louisville KY
                                   Army Armstrong
                                       S/G 27 Ford
                                      Owensboro KY
                                McMackin Motors
                                    S/S Mustang
                                 Valley Station KY
                                 Joe Williamson 1970
                              AHRA OLKY City Nats Winner
                                    Shepherdsville KY
                                 Bluegrass Dragway
                                     Chevy Wagon
                                 Rollyn Blankebeker
                          Former Mickey Thompson Dragster
                                     Bob Frensley
                                      Ford Stocker
                                      Louisville KY
                                      Irvin Johns
                                        A/G Angila
                                      Louisville KY


                                   Conway Witten
                        Winner 1991 Division 3 Points Race
                                  Bowling Green KY
                                        Mike Keown
                             Mike Keown Racing Engines
                                          69 Camaro    

Division 3 Director Keith Ferrell, a former dragster pilot, gets some pointers from Bill Thornberry, owner of the "Golddigger" Top Fuel Dragster, at Carl Casper's Louisville show. 

                                      Thornberry & Seigle
                                         1970's Top Gas

                                    1976 Golddigger
                            Bill Thornberry, Tom Seigle
                            Todd Thornberry, Jeff Seigle

                             Tom Seigle and Paul Romine
                           Car presently in Garlits Musuem
                            1st front engine dragster to run
                                   in 5 second pass

                                 Thornberry & Seigle
                                  Bluegrass Dragway

                                        Jim Williams
                                      Kevin Ward

                           Beech Bend 1st Sportsnationals
                      Thornberry, Stebbins, Severt & Shrader 
                                 K88 Dragster 1966
                                    Louisville Ky

                 The old Frakes Auto Salvage push truck and 
                    the Jim and Allison Lee T/F dragster at 
                                    NHRR 2010
                                            thanks to

                                Wales and Candies
                               NHRR Cacklefest 2010
                                             Thanks to Bob Wenzelburger

                        Travis Miller and Byron Edwards
                                        NHRR 2010
                                                                      Thanks P.O. Brown
                        Collings Downes & Kenny Cook
                 A Division Champ and a World Champ Team
                        team up at Winternationals 1974
                           How many remember this?

                                     Mighty Mouse
                              Bill Alvey and Ron Thomas
                                      Louisville KY

                                             Ken Lowe
                                          Winchester KY
Today Ken still goes to the start line as much as possible but time constraints often prevent him being in the drivers’ seat and he finds a lot of enjoyment assisting his clients go fast,  win races and championships. Several of his clients won their championships at the Winternationals just last June. But don’t ever think Ken has given up the drivers’ seat just yet.

                                                                    Hold on tight to your dreams....

                          In Memory of Rayburn Wells-RIP
                                   Crew on Golddigger 
                       Billy Campbell driver with Malcolm Tuck
                                        (Steve Scott Photo)

                                    Hubler Bros dragster

                         The Old Aurburdale Auto Parts Dragster
                                            Fairdale, KY
                         later owned by Ronnie and Larry Hubler


                                       Walt Derringer
                                          Louisville KY
                                        1932-2004 RIP
                          Jess Campbell vs Caesar's Chariot
                                        at Harrison Co

               Billy Campbell in the Gladiators Dragster (far lane)
                Robert Frakes in the Frakes & Sanders Dragster

                               Mattingly Bros Racing
                              Pinto, Zonker & Maverick

                                    Bobby Castle
                                      55 Wagon
                                    Richmond KY

                                                                Bobby Rogers photo

                                       Doug Lewis
                                       Firebrick KY
                                         55 Chevy
                                                                    Bobby Rogers photo
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