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                                          Back Up Pickup 
                                    Matched Race at US 60
                                    Early 70's then Crashed

                                        Original Wompin Jr
                                      40 Chevy at Ohio Valley
                                              Lyde Wagers 

                                     Lyde Wagers in Mask
                                Jim Browner Weighing in car
                                               Bill Holt
                                   Harrison County 1971


                                           Billy Cousins
                                             Twin AA/D

                                       John Carter 1976
                                          "Honest John"
                                        1974 Chevy Vega

                                 John Carter-Sitting in car
                                Walter Levold-Leaning Over
                                Charlie Biscoff-Back turned
                                       Others Unknown

                          Dale Funk receiving his "Wally"
                    Greg Sharp holding Robert Frakes "Wally"
                           Presented by Dave McClelland

                                    Sievert & Huffman

                                       Eldon Huffman

                                        Lyde Wagers

                                           In Memory of 
                                 Randall Ray Benningfield
                   Kentuckiana Drag Racers Hall of Fame Inductee

                                        Randy Walls

                                          Richmond Dragway
                                              Richmond KY

                                         Rusty Perkins
                                   Mustang-Bowling Green
                       Photo taken at Windy Hollow, Owensboro KY

                                              Joe Moore
                                            Chevy Citation

                                    Raymond Walkers
                                 F/C at Ohio Valley 1978


                                       Jerry Basham
                                         April 1961
                                    Sturgis Drag Strip

                              Thanks to Bobby Davis and Jerry Basham

                                        Steve Barns
                               58 Chevy October 1959
                                 Owensboro Drag Strip
                             Thanks to Bobby Davis and Jerry Basham


                                        Bob Glidden 
                                         Winning SS
                                       at Ohio Valley

  5 Kentucky Drivers that won the biggest Drag Race in Kentucky in 1972
                                    Ray Rountree T/F
                                  Jerry McMonigal C/D
                                  Sherrill Huff Modified
                                   Morris Lightfoot S/S 
                                  Ronnie Bradley Stock 

                                       Dave Huber
                                         3035 C/D
                                 1975 Sports Nationals
                                    Bowling Green KY

     Former Super Stock Racer Jim Allen seen here in his white 65 Chevelle, passed away 11-10-10. Jim lived in Grayson County. Formerly owned JSA Racing Engines in Owensboro.  RIP

                                    Army Armstrong
                                        Nash Gasser

                                   Collings Downes
                                    Dragster 1980's

                                      Steve Hinton
                                          55 Chevy
                                    Bowling Green KY

                                     Sadler Racing

                                 Larry Pride Racing
                                   Elizabethtown KY

                                         Kenny Cook 
                                         Dick Thorn
                                     Cheap Thrills AFD



                  Click on the Blue Grass Dragway picture above
                to see a really neat map created by Brian Harney

                                     Frakes and Funk
                          1972 Points Meet at Beech Bend 
                          Funk just set NHRA top T/F record
                                   1st time out in new car

                                         Dave Meador
              Top Alcohol Dragster 1974 at Dave and his Dads used
                      car lot at Taylor and Berry in Louisville

                                      Doyle Patton
                                  in his M/P Corvette 
                                  at Beech Bend 1974
                                Car known as "General"
                             Ron Boggs and John Carter

                                     Spivey Williams

            John Carter F/C, Dick Thorne Dragster, Bill Felker Camaro
                          Debbie Downs Miss SPORTSnationals

                                        John Carter

                                John Carter (Black Willys)
                                  Don Davis (Will Power)

                                       Dave Huber's
                                  ISCA Champion 1990
                                       60 Dragmaster
                                         Louisville KY

                                        Dick Meeks
                                        D/A 27 Ford
                                    Valley Station KY

                                        Pat Wheatley
                                       Brandenburg KY

                                          Don Bowles
                                        Madisonville KY
                     Kentucky Motorsports Hall of Fame Inductee

                                       Conway Witten 
                                         S/S Corvette

Cowl of the Frakes and Funk Twin T/G dragster in 1972 the last year for T/G, Dale Funk won the Division 3 Championship and Austin Myers won the World Championship. It was a great year for T/G in Kentucky.

                                        Michelle Lewis
                                          Louisville KY

                 Kenny Morris, Conway Witten and Mike Keown

                    Jerry McMonigal near lane and Dick Thorn
                    both in C/D Dragsters at Beech Bend 1971

                                      Frakes & Sanders
                             AA/GD at Bluegrass Dragway

                                          Drew Tarr
                                         Louisville KY

                                             Bill Lyle
                                       First race car 23 T
                                            Fairdale KY

                                           Kenny Shain
                                           Leitchfield KY

                              Doug Greenfield vs Ken O'Keefe
                             Battle of the Thunderbolts at U S 60 

                                  Walt Derringer Thunderbolt
                              run out of the old Ken O'Keefe Ford
                    in Louisville on Shelbyville Rd now Oxmoor Ford

        The Willie Dee special, Bill Canter A/D out of Valley Station Ky

                                             Kevin Neal 
                                             Ohio Valley
                                            Louisville KY

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